Across all property types, in every market we serve, our teams collaborate across a complete spectrum of integrated services to assist you to achieve optimal asset and portfolio management. We transform real estate into real advantage by helping owners and investors realise quantifiable results from the assets they entrust to us.

Creating advantage

Achieving the best performance from your assets means you need to demand the best property, financial and facilities management services

Your needs are unique. So is our approach to each interaction we have with you – ensuring that your real estate strategy is aligned with your business strategy. Our client-centric approach hinges on three fundamentals – people, programmes, and processes. Constant investment in our industry-leading platform is critical to ensuring that we serve your specific needs around the world or down the street.

Every asset is unique, different tenants, different technology, different needs. Leveraging global best practices and real-time data to improve operational performance is paramount to our business. However, to be truly successful these assets require a symbiotic blend of tailored services coupled with tried and tested core services.

Effective management

Effective management creates a seamless and harmonious environment between the landlord and tenant, protecting the integrity of your asset as well as positively impacting retention rates at lease renewal, net operating income and value. The fundamentals are based on transparent and robust occupier and client relationships underpinned by industry best practice guidelines.

Our core services:

The CBRE Property Management team collaborates across a complete spectrum of integrated services to help you achieve optimal asset and portfolio management throughout the lifecycle of your investments.

  • Financial Management
  • Corporate Responsibility & Community Engagement
  • Facilities Management Consultancy
  • Sustainability & Environmental Management
  • Risk Management
  • Occupier Management
  • Accounts Platform
  • Systems
  • Bespoke Reporting