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Manage your capital, projects and portfolios to deliver superior outcomes by working with project management professionals who advise occupiers and investors on more than 50,000 projects each year.



We have built one of the world’s largest networks of commercial real estate project managers—professionals who plan and execute a full suite of customized services on your behalf. From managing and negotiating project costs and mitigating risk to accelerating project delivery and maximizing scheduling opportunities, our team uses an optimized service delivery process to manage every aspect of your project’s budget, schedule and scope and protect your interests throughout the entire real estate journey.

How we can help

Whether you’re building a new HQ, or moving into and refurbishing an existing one, we have the experts to ensure you get the workplace you want, wherever your business operates. Our core services include building project and cost management, move management, IT support and the procurement of furniture, fixtures and other equipment tailored to your exact requirements.

As the trusted leader in corporate real estate, we’ll help identify and implement improvements to your workplace that make a measurable difference. That could mean optimising an existing workspace with flexible working solutions to help you build a more agile, mobile and motivated workforce; including smart buildings; Internet of Things solutions; or undertaking renewable energy projects.

Project cost and risk management: We know that 80% of project savings result from stages prior to construction. Our experience and expertise in construction project management won’t just give you the office environment you want, it will save you money, too.

CBRE can help make major changes run smoothly and easily, while ensuring risk mitigation. We’ll make sure your capital is spent effectively through contractor relationship and supplier relationship management, scanning the market for opportunities, reviewing rents and office fit-out costs, re-negotiating and extending leases, providing full planning and change management programmes – all while carrying out due diligence and portfolio strategy and taking care of all legal and health and safety requirements.

Consultancy services: We can set up a ‘project management office’ within your building - meaning CBRE expertise is on hand to help with whatever you need, whenever you need us.
Our service is designed to help you identify money-saving solutions, available as a dedicated resource or on a variable basis from our local office.

Project Management services: We can also be contracted out of house on a project by project basis. Whether that’s upgrading your key equipment or organising a refit, we’ll find you the best deal.

Our planning advice, commercial assurance, benchmarking and cost management services will help you design your budget for the next 10 years, managing cost and risk associated to your capital portfolio.

CBRE can manage costs on a project-by-project basis too, be it a chiller replacement or the fit-out of a million square foot office.

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  • Our teams deliver every aspect of your project or program, from handling contracts with the construction supply chain to managing health and safety responsibility and risk.

  • Unlock the power of your workplace with user-centered design, delivery and management services that drive business strategy, inspire human performance and increase employee engagement.

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