About Us

Communities and Giving

A leader in corporate social responsibility, we have a deep history of supporting communities and giving back.

At CBRE, we are committed to fulfilling our role as a responsible business by supporting and adding value to the communities where our employees live and work, as well as the communities where the need is greatest.

In 2011 CBRE launched an initiative to provide a more united approach in helping disadvantaged communities across our UK, Europe, Middle East and African (EMEA) business. This new EMEA-wide charity policy is supported by a programme called ‘Building a Better Future’.

Building a Better Future for young people in Africa

In 2014 we entered into a partnership with global children’s charity, Plan International.  Our first project with Plan International focused on Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world. Our goal was to give an education to vulnerable young girls, helping them to escape abuse and forced marriage. Thanks to an incredible effort by CBRE teams across EMEA this programme raised over €1.2million giving hope to a generation of children.

Notably, CBRE’s funds unlocked a further UK government grant of €9 million which significantly multiplied the strength of our project. As a result CBRE and Plan International were able to help give an education to 21,060 of the poorest girls in Sierra Leone and improved the lives of a further 135,000 children before, during and after the Ebola crisis. 

Although we have now completed our fundraising for Sierra Leone, CBRE EMEA continues to work with 485 of these girls to help them become qualified teachers.

Creating Safer Cities

In 2017 CBRE announce the launch of a new ground breaking two year project with Plan International – Creating Safer Cities.

Every year, over 20 million girls move to cities to find jobs and in some cases, escape the abuse and early marriage often experienced in rural communities. But many cities are dangerous places for girls. Rather than finding opportunity, for thousands of girls city life means daily intimidation and violence, particularly in public places and on public transport.

Plan International's Safer Cities programme aims to make cities safer for girls and women, and transform them into places of inclusion, tolerance and opportunity for everyone. Safer Cities is already successfully running in Cairo, Kampala, Hanoi, Lima and Delhi. Now, with your help, CBRE will bring this life changing programme to Nairobi in Kenya. 

Watch our short film to find out more about our Safer Cities project and how to get involved.

Disaster Relief Programme

CBRE has a long history of responding to both natural and humanitarian disasters that contributes to on the ground relief to those most in need. Our EMEA Disaster Relief Fund donates money and matches employee contributions to disaster relief efforts. Since 2011, CBRE's Global Disaster Relief Foundation and CBRE's EMEA Disaster Relief Funds, combined with employee donations to our disaster appeals, have donated more than €500,000.